Courier and Door to Door Service

Courier and Door to Door Service

ProLine Cargo USA offers Door To Door Services from Miami to Venezuela and Colombia.   We also provide PLC JetBox  Services.



Door to Door

Your cargo is accepted at our Facility in Miami or at any other authorized PickUp location in the USA. (Call or e-mail for Directions).    Your shipments are verified for packing integrity and transported via Airfreight or Ocean Cargo to our de-consolidation facility  in Valencia, Venezuela and/or Aircargo to Bogota, Colombia.   Once cargo is sorted, then it is delivered to your Home or Office by our in-location personnel.    Total Security and Assurance.  We are your Door to Door Operator!





PLC JetBox

When you become a PLC JetBox subscriber,  you will have an official and secure ship-to address in Miami, Florida.   You will be able to make your purchases for goods at your favorite On-Line providers and have them ship your purchases to your designated PLC JetBox Address in our Miami facility.
After  we receive your purchases in Miami, you will be notified via e-mail of your Warehouse Receipts and we will request your instructions for shipment.   We will ship accordingly and deliver your goods at your Home or Office.

Secure  your PLC JetBox Now! …. Enjoy your Freedom and Security!
Entrust your purchases cargo requirements  to US ! …..


door to door cargo services

We go Beyond! Freight Forwarding.